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New Hampshire

ACTION ALERT: Save our NH Public Schools SB 193


Here's how you can contact the House Education Committee via email: - it goes to all of them. If you want to get a response, email one of the members individually. They are listed at If you click on a name you will get contact info including email

Republican State Senator John Reagan has filed an amendment to unrelated Education HB 356 on behalf of new Department of Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut. This so-called Edelblut Amendment is a blatant power grab that would result in sweeping changes to the power structure in the Department of Education. With just over a month of experience in the position, rather than working with his department as their supposed leader, Edelblut is seeking to bypass any opposition and seize authority to make any changes he sees fit.


We need your help opposing this amendment . . .


Contact your Senators today!

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